Welcome to Greens and Pinks, LLC, a subsidiary of SolesFam, LLC.

Are you just too busy to do everything to run your business?

If so, we can help! We can help you free up some of your time so you can focus on the things only you can do. Whether a single project or a long-term assignment, we can help:

  • Travel (our Travel Agency side of the business helps us with this)
  • Bookkeeping (QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, we also have a working relationship with an Enrolled Agent – an Accountant certified by the IRS as a tax expert)
  • Payroll help
  • Set up conferences
  • Set up WordPress web sites and blogs
  • Review and answer emails
  • Monitor blogs, forums, and email groups
  • Post to blogs and social media
  • Prepare and send email to your lists (campaigns and eNewsletters)
  • Create spreadsheets
  • Prepare PowerPoint slides
  • Enter data
  • Make phone calls
  • Help with customer support
  • Set up meetings on the web
  • Send cards and gifts to clients
  • Outsourcing, when necessary
  • Just about anything else

Ask us, and we’ll get it done. We have our team of Virtual Assistants and Bookkeepers and we network with other Virtual Assistants who can also help in their area of expertise.